ANNOUNCEMENT! We have moved our Edmond Office! Starting April 22, 2017, A new weekend 24-Hour ADSAC in Edmond! 

COMING SOON: New Out-Patient Group In Edmond

Have you made a common mistake?

Do you need help getting your license reinstated?

Look no further. We are here for YOU! Alcohol Training and Education, Inc. is the oldest and most experienced DUI School and Assessment Center in Oklahoma.

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We have 10 locations throughout the state, including Chandler, Chickasha, Edmond/NE OKC, Elk City, Midwest City, Norman, Central OKC, Shawnee and Woodward.

Steps to Reinstatement

  1. Drug and Alcohol Assessment (Also known as an Evaluation). This is conducted by a licensed counselor and consists of several personal questions and tests that will score you at a level 1 to 5. Depending on the level scored, there are a set of recommendations that will need to be completed.
  2. Follow Recommendations: Completion the assessment recommendations. These recommendations could be Victims Impact Panel, 10-Hour or 24-Hour ADSAC classes (DUI School), Counseling, Intensive Out-Patient Treatment, AA/NA Meetings, or Residential Treatment.
  3. Red Stamp: After completing the recommendations, proof of completion needs to be shown to the counselor who conducted your assessment. Then you will receive your red stamp. You will need to hang onto this until your suspension is up.
  4. Department of Public Safety (DPS): After your suspension is up, you will need to take a colored copy of it, along with your Reinstatement Fee to DPS. Then, DPS will reinstate your license.