*Oklahoma City 10 Hour ADSAC is NOW on a New Summer Schedule. OCPM & OCSS Classes Will Only Be Held Twice A Month, Not Every Week. This is Effective July 1, 2019 to September 15, 2019.

Level One: 10-Hour (ADSAC) Alcohol/Drug Substance Abuse Course 


Fee: $150 (Payment Plan $75 Down, 30 Days to Pay the other $75)

Please bring your payment and Assessment to verify the course you are recommended to take.

3-Day Course Offered in Chickasha, Edmond, Norman, Oklahoma City and Shawnee.

10-Hour ADSAC Calendars

(*Schedules are subject to change. Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather or natural disaster). *OCAM, OCPM and OCSS on the Schedules below are all held at our Oklahoma City Office on N. Portland. You must start on Monday or Friday. For the morning class, you must start on Tuesday.

Revised August 10 Hour ADSAC Calendar (Printable PDF Calendar)

10 Hour OCSS and OCPM classes are only being held Twice A Month until September 1st. Norman and Edmond Classes on the calendar below have changed. Please be advised of these changes. Sorry for any inconvenience. (7-8-2019)

Revised August 10 Hour Calendar

Revised September 10 Hour ADSAC Calendar (Printable PDF Calendar)

Revised September 10 Hour ADSAC Calendar